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bolllywoodbabe-deactivated20131 asked: HEY!!! How dare you post pictures of the best 90s teen magazine and only have 6 pages?! Come back!! I need more!

I’mma throw something up today, I know I’ve been remiss in scanning mein sassies. Plain old regular life has a way of tearing you away from the beloved embrace of Tumblr.

Here it is! You CLAMORED for it and you got it, courtesy of Sassy fan Remyrogue - the Twin Peaks fashion spread from the October 1990 issue of Sassy Magazine.

PLEASE do not remove the Flickr attribution or re-upload this photo set. Remy LeBeau worked very hard to track down this magazine and share these images with us! I know there is very little I can do to stop you from doing these things but heed my words - stealing is not the Sassy Magazine way.