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themanisfive asked: You mentioned a Twin Peaks fashion spread. Do you happen to know what issue it was in? I have all the issues from January '89 to the final "real" issue in '94.

First of all, LOVE that you know that it sucked post 1994. I actually have one or two issues in the post-suck years and yeah. The tone is just utterly different.

Second, someone did ask me for an Audrey-Horne-esque fashion spread but I checked all my copies, I must have chucked it out (damn you, past self). I can even see it in my head, they got a model who looked a lot like Sherilyn Fenn…but unfortunately I don’t know the year or month of this spread. My vague guess would be that it would be a fall/winter-ish 1990 issue when the show was very ‘hot’ - OR early 1991.

oneverylargeindexcard asked: i have another question: were 9/10 cover models white and blonde? i don't remember it being that pervasive, but it clearly was!

No, I’ll show you one right now to prove ye wrong, smarty pantsy

oneverylargeindexcard asked: oh my god i'm in heaven. i was of the early 90s phase, and cancelled my subscription within two or three months of that horrible buy-out in 1994 or so. my longest running dream is to find a copy of a story (fiction) that ran in one of the issues. the protagonist was albino, and wore a Mr. Bubble tee in it. do you have it!?!?! LOVE this tumblr <3

I’ll look for your piece of fiction, dearest Tumblrina - you’re the first person to ask for me to look for fiction! Everyone requests the Twin Peaks fashion spread that I definitely do not have. :(